BaCon™ - Bailey Configuration and Synchronization Utility for PI Tags

BaCon is a PI Tag Creation and Synchronization tool for PI-Bailey Interface tags. The output from BaCon is a set of Excel worksheets ready for use with the PI Tag Configurator for Excel, part of the PI System Management tools from OSIsoft.

BaCon presents the user with a complete set of options for building/synchronizing PI Tags with Bailey tags to help maintain a healthy, accurate set of PI-Bailey Interface tags. BaCon supports both the PI Bailey SemAPI and Net90/Infi90 interfaces and can be used with any Composer (all versions), WinCAD or DOS CADEWS Bailey systems. It runs as an Excel Addin or as a standalone executable.

BaCon has three main run options: PI Tag Creation, PI Tag Maintenance and Full Sync. In PI Tag Creation mode, BaCon checks the PI System for new PI Tags to be built based on user selections. PI Tag Maintenance mode checks your PI Tag configuration against your Bailey system for PI Tags with invalid configuration data, like bad Zero, Span, Engineering Units or Tag Type (Location5). These tags are presented with recommended changes along with the “bad” attributes. The PI Tag Maintenance run mode also lets you know which PI Tags are not mapped to valid Bailey Tags (dead tags). These PI Tags can then be switched to a different PointSource or otherwise removed from that Interface Tag list. Full Sync performs both PI Tag Creation and PI Tag maintenance in one run.

The PI Administrator maintains full autonomy over the PI tags using BaCon since it does not perform any updates to the PI system directly. The user decides which PI tags to create/edit/delete and then updates the PI System using the PI Tag Configurator for Excel based on the selected PI Tags in the BaCon-generated worksheets.

BaCon is a companion product to GrITS for ProcessBook, a graphic import tool set for converting DCS Operator Displays into ProcessBook displays, complete with DCS to PI Tag mapping. Data South Systems, Inc. has teamed up with G. Michaels Consulting Ltd., makers of DBDOC, to offer a complete set of tools for supporting PI Systems with Bailey DCS’s. Using DBDOC, GrITS for ProcessBook and BaCon, you can maximize the Power of PI for your enterprise.