EGGS - External GrITS Graphic Subroutines. These are the individual PlugIns to convert the various DCS, SCADA and other graphic formats into ProcessBook displays. These are the workhorse modules of the GrITS for ProcessBook system. We have released EGGS or... Read More »

Engineering Plan

PlugIns Available and Ready to Ship ABB Conductor NT Graphics ABB Process Portal B Graphics Bailey OIS SODG Graphics Bailey System Six Graphics Emerson DeltaV Graphics Foxboro IA (FoxDraw/FoxView) Graphics Honeywell PHD ProcessTrends Honeywell TDC3000 (US Graphics) Intellution iFIX Rockwell... Read More »


BaCon - Bailey Configuration and Synchronization Utility for PI Tags Read More »


GrITS for ProcessBook is a Graphic Import Tool Set for PI ProcessBook designed to convert DCS, SCADA and other graphic images into ProcessBook displays. Read More »


Tag Map generator for Bailey OIS SODG graphics PlugIn to GrITS for ProcessBook. Read More »