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GrITSGrITS for ProcessBook is a Graphic Import Tool Set for PI ProcessBook designed to convert DCS and other graphic images into ProcessBook displays. These converted displays are created with native ProcessBook elements (not a bitmap) consisting of Lines, Rectangles, Text, Elipses, Arcs, Polygons, Polylines, Bars, Multistates, Links, Values and Trends. These elements are precision drawn representations of the original source graphic, complete with PI Tag correlation to DCS loops.

GrITS for ProcessBook takes the CONTROL out of Control Room Graphics and allows for these graphics to be deployed throughout the Plant or Enterprise. Now, Plant Managers can have the same graphics that the operators use to see current operating conditions. By utilizing the Power of PI, these same displays can be used to view historical plant data, allowing engineers to see what the operator saw at a specific point in time.

ProcessBook displays created with GrITS for ProcessBook can be saved as Displays in a ProcessBook, Independent Display Files (PDI files), Bitmaps, JPEG files, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files for use with RtPortal.

Web-Based Graphic deployment using RtPortal and/or PI-ActiveView. GrITS for ProcessBook can automatically create graphic images ready for import into RtPortal and/or PI-ActiveView. Using these tools plant personnel can view operator graphics via a standard web browser.

GrITS for ProcessBook runs as a ProcessBook AddIn and can function as a standalone executable. The standalone option can accept command line parameters to direct the application to perform conversions on multiple files (*.*) with a single command.

"GrITS for ProcessBook is a friendly and easy to use application to convert your DCS control monitor's displays into ProcessBook. We converted all 929 of our Bailey semAPI graphics to ProcessBook displays in a short period of time. This has become a tool that allows our managers and supervisors to see exactly what the shop floor operators are viewing when trouble shooting an existing problem or one which may occur. This tool has enhanced our link from the production floor to the office."

- Aubrey Crawford, Senior Systems Analyst, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

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